Allow me to introduce myself:

I'm Alex Kowalchik; owner and founder of A2 Pix. If you're reading this, I'd like to think we'll be working together soon to create some awesome images. So I figured you may want to know a little more about the guy behind the camera.

I dislike the word 'photography'. I also dislike the word 'photographer'. I don't really know why. I can't particularly explain it. You know how certain words and phrases just don't feel comfortable when you say them? Those two words are that way with me. So it's rather ironic that I ended up in this profession.

And on that note, a lot of people ask how I ended up as a photogra...uh, as a professional picture-taker (*see previous paragraph*). Well, it's an interesting story. A lot of folks in my family are artistic; my dad can draw like nobody's business, my grandfather has hundreds of watercolors, oil paintings, and other works of art he's created over the years, my aunt is a graphic designer, her daughter is in high school and has already illustrated a children's book. So naturally, one would assume I'm also a wizard with a pencil, pastel, or ink pen.

That is not the case.

Things I draw or paint tend to bring people a facial expression that's a mix of pain, disgust, and maybe smelling rotten cheese. So after about the fifth grade, when those kinds of masterpieces are generally accepted, I abandoned any desire to be an artist. At one point I wanted to be a used car salesman (dreaming big, for sure!). At another, I had lofty goals of becoming a professional wrestler (not the olympic kind). I dabbled in slight of hand magic and ventriloquism. Finally, I pretty much settled on the highly dignified profession of acting, much to my father's chagrin. He wanted me to be an accountant. Phooey on that.

Acting took me through middle school, high school, and college. It was there that I took a general education course: Photography 111. I guess '101' was too generic. It was during that course that I found it: MY way to draw, paint, and be artistic. I didn't need to use charcoals, acrylics, or clay...I could use light.

So I did.

As a Theatre/Performance major, I had access to a ton of willing subjects. I worked on headshots, shot friends' cosplays, and asked show directors if I could take stills of their performances and rehearsals (the cover photo for this post is one of my earliest production shots from Lynn Nottage's "Intimate Apparel"). I experimented, I learned, I grew and developed my style. It was awesome. And it's pretty much been that way ever since. I'll save my accidental stumbling into dance portraits for another post on another day. That's another story entirely. And yes, it's all about a girl.

Also I really love Goldfish. Not the animal. The delicious snack cracker:

There's a reason they're called GOLDfish